Your Client: A marriage of convenience or true love?

We know that in all businesses regardless of industry, building and maintaining client relationships is the key to growth and longevity. We work hard to build communication, understanding and appreciation on both sides of the client/contract equation.

It stands to reason then that when we invest so much time with our clients we are hoping for a long and happy marriage not just a fling. So here is our ‘marital-advice’ on how to treat your clients just right.

Communicate well and often

If you truly value the clients who ultimately allow you to do what you love, your focus should be on developing these relationships into long lasting partnerships in the same way you would a marriage. Through excellent communication, reliability and efficiency you will become a dependable partner, working together as a team rather than just business associates.

Enjoy the beginning

The early stages can be unfamiliar and challenging, but when handled well are enjoyable nonetheless. As you would in a growing relationship you will need to spend time getting to know your client’s needs, likes and dislikes and how you can assist them in moving their business forward.

Show an interest in who they are

Don’t just respond to enquiries and problems but be proactive; learn about your clients, their companies – most importantly their industries.

Demonstrate your knowledge beyond the work you have been asked to deliver. Over time you will get to know your clients more and may be given opportunities to apply yourself through a variety of mediums – becoming the perfect partner.

Don’t be afraid to commit

Offer suggestions and solutions to enhance what they are already doing. Your intentions should be well placed – not purely for profit.

We consistently review the latest technologies and trends, it may not be something our clients need immediately but it demonstrates that we are constantly thinking of ways to support them and help them to grow.

Remember the old adage. You only get out what you put in

Making ourselves and our business a partner to the client enables us to build a long lasting relationship that grow organically.

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