The Chroma Stock Management Portal


Let’s face it, having to micromanage print requirements and ordering is no one’s idea of fun. Our online stock management portal gives you peace of mind and reduces the headache of print management.

The Chroma Portal is a bespoke stock management portal that allows you to stay in control. A few clicks of a mouse and we take care of the rest. We custom build all of our portals to fit in line with your company and brand. We want your portal to feel as close to an internal system as possible.

We would love to showcase how the Chroma Portal will work for you. To find out more, get in contact with us. We would love to show you we can build your very own portal!

The Highlights Of The Chroma Stock Portal

  • Configured to your exact requirements with single or multi-user access
  • Protect your brand with pre-set templates
  • Access quotes, proofs, delivery notes and invoices all in one secure place
  • Save money by ordering in bulk – we’ll send what you need and store the rest
  • Low stock levels trigger an automatic reminder to reorder

Create A Stock Management Portal For Your Business!

Chroma editable business card - stock portal

Product Customisation

One of the elements that will take your time is descriptions and briefs of what you want from your products. Names, addresses, locations, where to send it, dimensions, paper weight. The list is never ending!

The customisation of the Chroma Portal means that we can create pre-populated drop-downs for you to easily select. This could be changes in format, premises location or any other demographic variations. The time is only ever spend setting this up once. not every single time you go to print!

Bespoke Build of The Nvidia Portal

Bespoke Portal Build

Our mindset on making your stock management portal working as best as it can, is for us to build it around your business.

We make the stock portal feel like an internal system, getting your brand identity down to a tee! We have navigation tiles that can also be utilised for ‘quick links’ or even things like internal updates.

Our average lead time to build your stock portal is around a week for standard builds.

Making The Most Of The Stock Portal

Print & Stock Management

Do you find yourself reordering stock every week, month or even every quarter? by ordering stock in bulk, you can really benefit from economies of scale, which in the long run will positively impact your budgets.

We have 2 warehouses where we have all the stock management capabilities to look after your products. From here, simply let us know how many items you need and we will get them to you via 48 hour delivery.

Beyond the cost saving, as everything is already printed we can have your products where they need to be in 48 hours. It will improve the efficiency of your internal business whilst also giving the best impression to wherever else they are going.

Print On Demand Management

We know that not everything is as simple as printing everything in one go and sitting on it. For some campaigns and projects we able to customise your print.

With this, we have also offered a print on demand feature so you can customise your print. This can be through name, location, a specific message or however else you envision.

As we will already hold your artwork and all the specifications of this print already, your lead time will dramatically reduce. Great for urgent print requests as well as reducing the time your print gets to potential prospects and clients.

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