Since we started printing in 1993, we’ve put protecting the environment, minimising the energy we consume and reducing the waste we produce at the very core of our business and every decision we make.

A different kind of offset

We’re always looking for greener ways of doing things. Wherever possible, we use recycled and biodegradable materials. To make our print more sustainable, we joined a Carbon Capture® Programme that aims to offset the CO2 emissions from paper production by planting trees in the UK. Many of our clients have embraced the opportunity to support this programme by donating a CO2 charge to the Woodland Trust – in 2017 alone we created more than 1,350m2 of new native woodland, removing 54,234kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Green machine

Our HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press is certified with the Intertek Green Leaf Mark, meaning you can trust its green credentials. It’s manufactured using a carbon neutral process and offers reduced production waste, a takeback programme and excellent energy efficiency. With the press in Enhanced Productivity Mode, we can increase throughput by 33% using only three colours – significantly reducing turnaround time and production costs, resulting in 25% less energy consumed per printed page.

Two sides to the story

We’re also a member of the Two Sides initiative, which means we’re committed to promoting sustainability and dispelling common misconceptions about paper and printing. By collaborating with other businesses involved in the initiative, we’re able to share best practices and improve environmental standards across our industry.

A long term commitment

Our commitment to sustainability goes way beyond any accreditation, however. We invest heavily in areas of our business that can really make a difference environmentally – here are a few of our most recent initiatives:

  • Paper Strapping Machine that reduces non-recyclable material use
  • Vegetable oil based inks that are sustainable, renewable and more easily recycled
  • Company-wide waste recycling programme

Award winners

Due to our hard efforts towards acting as a sustaiable business Chroma has been awarded the EcoVadis silver award, a testement to our efforts. EcoVadis is the ‘the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating’ and achieving their silver award means that we rank in the top 25% of worldwide businesses for sustainability.

Riding electric

Chroma now opperate using an electric van for local deliveries within a 100 mile radius. This new van means we are reducing our carbon emissions and allows us to take another step in the right direction, helping us to be kinder to the environment.

Through paper purchases in the last 3 years Chroma has achieved:


Tonnes of CO2 captured


Sqm of woodland created


Trees planted

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