Common print terms demystified

Confused by coatings? Foiled by foils? Don’t panic – your expertise may be in marketing, ours is in print. Our simple guide will take you on a tour of the most common terminology you’re likely to encounter when dealing with print.

Coated stock

Any paper that has a mineral coating applied after the paper is made, giving the paper a smoother finish.


To press an image into paper with a die so it extends below the surface. The opposite of emboss where the image is raised above the paper surface.

Die Cutting

The process of cutting paper in a shape or design by the use of a wooden die or block in which are positioned steel rules in the shape of the desired pattern.


The moulding and reshaping of paper by the use of special metal dies and heat, counter dies and pressure, to produce a raised image on the paper surface.


A metal sheet that’s applied to paper using the foil stamping process. Often gold coloured, but available in many other hues.


Applying thin transparent plastic sheets to both sides of a sheet of paper, providing scuff resistance, waterproofing and extended use.

Saddle stitch

The binding of booklets or other printed materials by stapling the pages on the folded spine.

Wiro bind

A type of binding where a metal or plastic wire is spiraled through holes drilled along the binding side of a document.


A clear coating added to printed material as a protective layer for improved scuff resistance and usually a higher gloss.

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