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Digital Foiling on a…. Laminator?

The Foiling Revolution

In the last 12 months ‘Foil Over Electroink’ has become very popular. It provides ‘the wow factor’, but at an affordable price. This is because traditional foil blocking can be a costly process. For this reason, the rise of digital foiling has become a very popular print finish.

With our digital press, we can offer a foiling option for Foliant Laminators Foiling or a Spot UV effect. This allows us to create these options easily, and most importantly, producing at a reasonable cost.

Learn more on how digital foiling may be the exact print finish you have been looking for.

How Does 'Foil Over Toner’ Work?

With our HP Indigo digital press we start off by printing at the point where you require foil. From here, the digital foiling will then adhere to the printed toner. It does not get more simple than that!

In terms of the overall finish, we are able to explore options to add foil to un-laminated paper, which will add more of a matt to foil contrast. To gain a more luxury feel, you can add digital foil on to laminate film such as Soft Touch or Anti Scuff Matt.

What Effects & Finishes Can I Get With Digital Foiling?

Digital foiling is available in a wide range of metallic and holographic colours, as well as clear for a Spot UV effect.  Moreover, printable foil can print directly onto the foil and create metallic inks.

All of these extra effects can be achieved with a laminator. This will transform your business cards, luxury packaging, letterheads, stationery, wedding stationery as well as other high end print.

Additional Benefits Of Digital Foiling...

Low Cost

No expensive dies needed! With your traditional foil blocking a die is required in order to apply the foil. Because of this, there is a costs associated which you do not get through digital foiling. Creating a foil block is certainly best for longer run print runs. Learn more on the ‘foil die process’, check PrintGroupAus’s explanation here

Digital Foiling Variable Data

Dies limit you to one design! Open up your possibilities by offering personalised digital foiling to your print. As a result and dependant on what data you hold, the personalisation could be whatever you envision.

A Value-Added Service

Of course the purpose of adding a foil, be it a digital foil of not, is because you want to make your print stand out. Therefore, an application of any foil will most certainly grab the attention of your customers. So consider digital foil and put your brand front of mind.

Digital Foil Has Endless Creative Applications...

  • Bespoke packaging
  • Prestige book covers
  • Prestige menus and invitations
  • Wedding stationery
  • Presentations and tender documents
  • Photo books
  • High-end business cards and stationary
  • Personalised Certificates