Herrington Carmichael


Herrington Carmichael is a formidable full-service law firm with multiple offices offering legal advice to UK and international businesses, families and individuals.

They rebranded in 2015, and were looking for printers and sign makers to help them roll out their new identity. They didn’t expect to find a single supplier who was able to produce everything they needed – especially within a tight timeframe and a fixed budget. To their happy surprise, they found us.


Anyone who’s been involved in a business rebrand knows that the transition can be a challenging process. We had just two weeks to print all of Herrington Carmichael’s new stationery and marketing collateral – and a tiny two-day window to install signage at their offices in Camberley and Wokingham.

To help them manage their ongoing print requirements, we set up a bespoke online ordering system. This meant they could save money by placing bulk orders – we delivered the stock they needed immediately and stored the rest in our warehouse.

The red in the new Herrington Carmichael logo was particularly difficult to match across different media. To make sure it looked the same on coated and uncoated paper, banners and signage, we developed custom colour swatches that were used by everyone involved in production. We even persuaded the ink manufacturers to create a new Pantone® colour for uncoated paper, which was given the name Herrington Red.


Since their rebrand, Herrington Carmichael has grown substantially. The new signage at the firm’s Wokingham office had a noticeable effect on their high street presence – and they went on to open a third office in London. Throughout this period of growth, our online ordering system has helped to streamline printing for items such as business cards and other office stationery, with pre-set templates in place to protect the new brand. An open and shut case.

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