Enterprise Rent-A-Car


We’ve been working with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for more than 28 years. They often use our online ordering and stock management system to print contracts, signage and marketing materials. But a more hands-on approach was required to help them phase out some old branding and update the messaging in their Daily Rental branches.


When Enterprise asked us to produce new wall posters and Complete Clean Pledge (CCP) flyers, we quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be a straightforward print-and-ship project.

There are 483 Daily Rental branches across the UK and Ireland and we had to provide full proof of delivery and tracking information for every shipment. A change to the branding programme meant fast-tracking the CCP flyers so that obsolete mirror hangers could be replaced before legal licences expired.

When it came to producing the posters, the logistics switched up a gear. After colour testing to ensure an exact match with the client’s swatch, we used lightfast ink to achieve an anti-fade finish. All 483 branches were expecting to receive a tube containing up to six different posters. The number of posters in each tube depended on how many frames a branch had on their walls. With the clock ticking, our fulfilment team was under pressure to work quickly and accurately so that every branch received the right number of posters within a 2-week timeframe.


Despite the complexities of the project, everything was printed, despatched and delivered ahead of schedule. It was a race against time, but this is the type of challenge that drives us at Chroma.

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