The perfect night in

Visual computing giant NVIDIA asked us to help them make a big impact with the consumer lifestyle press in order to promote its SHIELD Android TV device, the most powerful smart TV platform ever built.

Resonating with its target audience of ten influential and high-end consumer lifestyle editors was essential. To really grab their attention, we decided to create something a little different – an interactive press pack where smart packaging showcases the product in a unique and memorable way.

The press packs were based around the concept of ‘The Perfect Night In’. Each package was carefully packed by hand, containing the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV complete with stand and voice activated remote, along with a fun selection of tasty snacks, a personalised bottle of wine, facemask and a Google Play voucher.

To show off these goodies with highest impact, we designed a unique box, which automatically unfolds once the lid is removed.

We believe that collaboration is the starting point of all great work, and we were pleased to work closely with NVIDIA’s in-house team of creatives in bringing this ambitious idea to life. They supplied us with all box artwork, and their expert approach and creative vision were instrumental in making the design of this unusual packaging a seamless process.

The first stage of technical development was confirming the detail of the box structure, designed by the Nvidia team to reflect the lines and style of the NVIDIA SHIELD.

The interactive pop-up effect was achieved thanks to a series of intricate creases in board of a very specific thickness. This gave the ‘spring loaded’ effect.

Protecting the products themselves was vital, so we encased them in a high-spec foam then layered them, adding maximum excitement to the recipient’s opening experience.

Finally, we used a range of production techniques to achieve the finishing touches, including spot UV and matt lamination plus wrapping using a silk ribbon.

The press pack proved its impact as soon as it launched, with recipients tweeting about both the innovative product and packaging.

We’re proud to have worked with NVIDIA to deliver a truly eye-catching and original piece of press communication.

“Our goal was to create something truly unique which would appeal to, and catch the attention of, a high end consumer lifestyle editor. The idea came together perfectly and we were delivered a premium package which showcased our product perfectly – the unboxing experience and sense of luxury provided the wow-factor we were looking for”

PR Manager Northern Europe, NVIDIA

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