Latest green initiative – Removal of plastic from packaging

As a company committed to protecting our planet, we’re always looking for ways to reduce waste and the use of plastic. Our latest green initiative is to move away from shrink wrapping items we print. Instead we’ll be using a new paper banding machine to make sure orders are neatly packed and reach you in pristine condition. It’s just as quick – and the paper bands can be recycled, which makes the process much more eco-friendly.

We’ve already had some great feedback about our switch from plastic to paper wrapping. We’re sure that working with a printer who cares about the environment will also reflect well on your business as an increasing number of people look for green credentials when they’re choosing what to buy and who to buy from.

More about greener printing – From the Carbon Capture® Programme to the Two Sides initiative, you can find out more about the steps we’re taking to protect the environment on our sustainability page.

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